Spray Mop Deluxe
Spray Mop Deluxe
Spray Mop Deluxe

Spray Mop Deluxe

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Kenqo Spray Mop Deluxe is ideal for small area cleaning or daily maintenance cleaning.

It comes with a reuseable microfiber pad & microfiber mophead which can be machine washed and interchangeable.

It comes with 2 interchangeable bottom attachment, a flat board attached for the pad & a round bottom plate for the mophead.

The light weight design enables you to carry the spray mop around the house effortlessly.

The water or cleaning solution is dispense out from the spray tip when you press the tigger lightly.

One microfiber pad / Mophead can clean mulltiple rooms covering  approx. 1000sqft.

The microfiber pad/mophead can easily scrub away heavy duty dirt, grease and grime and it is harmless to your hands and protects furniture.

 - 1 X Spray Bottle                                                                                                                             - 1 X Round Bottom Plate with microfiber mophead                                                                        - 1 X Flat board with microfiber pad                                                                                               -  1 X set of stick with trigger

Made in China

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