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Derma Wand

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White Derma wand unit

The Derma Wand is a skin care device to improve the beauty of your skin. It's a skin-rejuvenating tool made for home use and designed by a professional. 

Derma Wand stimulates and oxygenates the skin by creating high frequency stimulates to increase blood circulation, feeding and nourishing the skin's surface. It creates an enriched form of oxygen, which breathes new life into your skin to give a vibrant glow. 

Made in China 
Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defects, against manufacturing defects, negligence not covered

Contents : 
1 x Derma Wand Unit 
1 x Derma Wand Carrying Case 
1 x Derma Wand Instruction Booklet 
1 x Derma Wand - Instruction Video