5 Mins Shaper PRO
5 Mins Shaper PRO
5 Mins Shaper PRO

5 Mins Shaper PRO

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Red and black main frame
Black rubber sponges
black meter

5 Minutes Shaper PRO utilizes the concept of Yoga plank position and sit-up combining them into a remarkable core building exercise.It is effective and more versatile It combines cardio and toning to quickly burn fat and sculpt your body, your back, abs, buns, legs,arms, obliques,muscles as well as fluid and flowing movement. It comes with a heart beat monitor to maximise fat burning. and also a bilateral swivel shaper with 4 points adjustment. 

Benefits : 
- Exercise your entire body with intensity, including your back, arms, waist, abs, buns, and legs. 
- Abdominal muscles squeezed and contracted to develop muscles. 

Contents : 
1 x Main frame 
1 x Handle bar 
4 x Curved cushion 
2 x Straight cushion 
2 x Knob pin 
6 x Round end cap 
2 x AA batteries, 1.5V 
1 x Meter / Meter cover 
1 x Instruction manual 
1 x Tools/screws set