5 Mins Shaper
5 Mins Shaper

5 Mins Shaper

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Black main frame
black rubber sponges
red meter

5 Minutes Shaper utilizes the concept of Yoga plank position and sit-up combining them into a remarkable core building exercise. It combines cardio and toning to quickly burn fat and sculpt your body, your back, abs, buns, legs, and arms. 

Benefits : 
- Exercise your entire body with intensity, including your back, arms, waist, abs, buns, and legs. 
- Abdominal muscles squeezed and contracted to develop muscles. 

Contents : 
1 x Main frame 
1 x Handle bar 
4 x Curved cushion 
2 x Straight cushion 
2 x Knob pin 
6 x Round end cap 
2 x AA batteries, 1.5V 
1 x Meter / Meter cover 
1 x Instruction manual 
1 x Tools/screws set