Vertical Gym

Vertical Gym

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Silver and black main frame 
Black Leg Stepper 
Black hand bars 

Vertical Gym is the fitness breakthrough that lets you climb your way vertically to the slim, toned body you've always wanted. Having a great body means you have to do cardio, weights and hundreds of crunches on the floor. Why get on the ground when you can work your core vertically? 

Vertical Gym combines fat burning cardio with muscle toning, giving you the ultimate body workout. Climb your way to leaner inner thighs, shapely legs, lifted booty, amazing shoulders and chest, toned triceps and biceps and at the same time get flat washboard abs right in your home. 

Contents : 

- 1 x Vertical Gym Unit 
- 1 x User Manual 
- 1 x Exercise Guide 
- 1 x Diet Guide 
- 1 x Workout DVD 

Weight : Approximately 20kg 
Height : Approximately 2 metres tall when fully extended 

Made in China (USA Technology)